Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Trailers for Skyline

Inception Ending - Explained by Michael Caine

If you're still trying to figure out that ending to Inception, you don't have to figure any more. Because the answer's out, from someone who should know—Michael Caine, who portrayed Leonardo DiCaprio's mentor and father-in-law in Christopher Nolan's mind-bending movie.

During an interview on BBC Radio 1 this morning, Caine was discussing his autobiography The Elephant to Hollywood, and the conversation came around to Inception's cryptic ending. (Hey, if YOU had him in the studio, wouldn't you bring it up?)

Asked whether DiCaprio's character Cobb made it home, or ended up trapped in a dream, Caine replied (and you'd better stop now if you really don't want to know):
"It's real life. ... If I'm in the scene then it's real. I'm never in the dreams."
Apparently, that's not only what Caine felt, but what Nolan intended to convey.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

VERY Hungry, Hungry, Hippos

The Lion, The Witch and the Locker

Classic Star Wars Action Figures

Not much fun to play with though...

Lars Own (in memorandum) at

Star Trek vs. Star Wars (sizes of ships)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

ANOTHER reason I will NEVER buy a GM Vehicle

Chrysler Autoworkers Caught on Camera Drinking Beer, Smoking Pot During Break. Story link.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wilhelm Scream

Wilhelm scream. Link.

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Obama Socialist Remix!

Obama and his advisers show their true colors...

Europe According to Stereotypes

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Firefly Lego

Above are (from left to right): Shepard Book, Inara Serra, Kaylee Frye, Jayne Cobb, Malcolm Reynolds, Zoe and Wash, and River and Simon Tam.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I May Not Know Art, but I Know What I Like.

And I know that this rocks:

Chewbacca on a giant squirrel ... fighting Nazis link.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Problems Facing Our Socialism

A paper by Barack obama's father. Link. article on "How Obama Thinks". Link.

Today is a day of Mourning...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

FireFly Panel at Dragon*Con

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk couldn't make it to Dragon*Con, but that didn't stop them from calling in to the Firefly panel and harassing Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and Morena Baccarin. The whole sordid, (fake) drunken mess is up on YouTube in two parts, which we've embedded below.

In the first clip the gag starts at the 5-minute mark, when Morena's phone rings, and it continues well into the second clip (there's an especially good zing at about the 3:08 mark in cliip 2, so make sure you watch that bit).

NJ Gov. Christie is THE MAN!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is known for telling it like he sees it. At a town hall meeting yesterday in Raritan, NJ, he made sure to bolster that reputation.

The rest of the video is worth watching, however, as Christie explains how the teacher‘s union in the state refused to compromise to save the state’s crucial education dollars.

Captain America Movie Costumes First Look story link.

New Trailer for Monsters

Due out in October 2010.

Caprica is Coming Back!

Syfy just announced that it's moving the premiere of season 1.5 of Caprica to Oct. 5 at 10 p.m. instead of the originally planned return in January 2011. This is good news for fans who were left hanging with the midseason finale cliffhanger back in March and were disappointed that the show would take so long to return. story link.

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Young golfer's loss proves he's a winner

Zack Nash, 14, won his age division at the Milwaukee County Parks Tour Invitational on Aug. 11. But he gave up the victory after discovering he had inadvertently played with 15 clubs in his bag.

On Aug. 11, the 14-year-old Nash shot a 77 at Dretzka Park to win the boys 13-14 age division at the Milwaukee County Parks Tour Invitational, a tournament for accomplished juniors run by the Wisconsin PGA Section.

Understandably proud, Nash asked his parents to drive him to Rivermoor Golf Club, where the Nashes are members and where Zach plays 36 holes a day, every day, in the summer. He wanted to show his first-place medal to Chris Wood, the golf professional at Rivermoor.

"I showed Chris my medal and he said, 'Great job,' " Nash said. "We were standing outside, having a soda and talking and he looked in my bag and said, 'Whose club is this?' "

Oh, oh. Nash had played golf with a friend the day before and somehow the friend's 5-wood wound up in Nash's bag.

The young golfer knew what it meant: When he won the tournament at Dretzka, he had 15 clubs in his bag and had violated Rule 4-4 ("the player must not start a round with more than 14 clubs").

The penalty for a breach of Rule 4-4 is two strokes for each hole played with more than 14 clubs, with a maximum of four penalty strokes. Because Nash didn't realize the extra 5-wood was in his bag, he completed his round and signed for a 77 when he actually scored 81.

"I knew the rule, I just didn't make it a point to count my clubs," he said. "I didn't use the club once in the tournament."

No matter. He broke the rule, albeit unintentionally, and then signed an incorrect scorecard.

"I kind of started crying in the clubhouse," he said. "I was really upset. Chris said, 'You know what this means?' I said, 'Yeah. I've got to disqualify myself.' " story link.