Monday, February 22, 2010

'Survival garden' near Strafford gains wide attention

STRAFFORD, Mo. -- If you ever wondered where your food comes from, then perhaps you can relate to Len Pense. " What was it grown in? And what was it sprayed with? You have no idea," said Pense.

Pense has always known. He's gardened all his life, even while spending several years in the military. Pense was born during the Great Depression.
"And I grew up during World War 2. If you didn't grow it, you didn't have it," said Pense.

Len Pense' Raised Bed gardening, acrobat article. Link.

Gardening Len's way, how-to book. Link.

Gardening classes. Link.

Location of the classes:

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Embrace Life - British Seatbelt PSA

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Star Wars Weddings

Admiral Akbar, you cad!

Star War Weddings Link.

The Union Cares...

Look over the site and then click career opportunities, read the job descriptions... /shudder
This is going to be cool.

The union cares website.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

obama Bows Again... to the mayor of Tampa Florida!

What is up with this guy?!

St. Petersburg Times story link.

obama's Aunt, the Illegal Immigrant...

The illegal alien aunt of President Obama could learn this week whether she can put down roots in Boston - or start packing her bags for a one-way trip back to Kenya.

And, save for U.S. Immigration Court Judge Leonard I. Shapiro, she’ll know before anyone else. Zeituni Polly Onyango has persuaded Shapiro to bar the public from her removal proceeding Thursday morning at the John F. Kennedy Federal Building, though it’s unclear why. story link.

An Angel of Death, Behold the Death Cat!

A cat with an uncanny ability to detect when nursing home patients are about to die has proven itself in around 50 cases by curling up with them in their final hours. story link.

Canadian Premier set To Have Heart Surgery in the U.S. ?!?

Mr. Williams' decision to leave Canada for the surgery has raised eyebrows over his apparent shunning of Canada's health-care system.
Very odd, I was under the impression that their health system is the best in North America...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Shave Every Day. Shower Every Two Months.

Some things in the Corps never change... :)

New York Times story link.