Friday, August 29, 2008

GILF Sarah Palin is John McCain's Veep Choice!

Here she is, the first woman to go to work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; not a Democrat, and NOT Hillary Clinton. The glass ceiling of the highest office of the greatest country of the world
will be broken by a worthy, high performing, charismatic, integrity-ridden, Washington outsider, hockey mom, wife, and professional. She will get there on her own merits, not the coattails of a philandering life-long politician-husband.

The quick overview:
  • Point guard in high school for her state champion basketball team, her nickname was "barracuda".
  • Former beauty queen and holds a degree in journalism from the University of Idaho
  • Lifetime member of the NRA
  • Young (44) and vibrant Governor of Alaska
  • Champion of ethics in government
  • Mother of five; three daughters, two sons; eldest son just joined the U.S. Army (infantry)
  • Youngest child, a boy, has Down Syndrome.
  • Palin was back at work just three days after giving birth (tough lady!).
  • Husband is a Native Yup'ik Eskimo, champion snowmobiler, part-time oil worker, and stay-at-home dad.
  • She owns clothes other than pantsuits.

She hunts, eats moose hamburger, ice fishes, rides snowmobiles, and owns a float plane. Palin holds a lifetime membership with the National Rifle Association. She admits that she used marijuana when it was legal in Alaska, but says that she did not like it.

This woman is the one. A true, American-style feminist without a chip on her shoulder with respect to her femininity and no time to hate on men.

It all makes me want to watch a Hot Chick with Guns Video!

Here are a few notable articles on Sarah Palin:

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Join the Mile High Club With GILF Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin on Wikipedia

Fun Sarah Palin Video:

And a palette of Sarah Palin Pictures:

Professional Palin----------------Vogue Palin

Legislator Palin----------Saucy Palin---------------Fun Palin

I Told You They Were Big...

Deadly Afghan Spider Hitches Ride Home With U.K. Soldier, Kills Family Dog...

More info at

I am SOOOOOOO Glad I am Not in THIS Industry Anymore...

The best places to save money on textbooks.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I don't go to political Rally's

I don't like bicycles. Oh, and nekkid old dudes freak me out...

American Flag Not Good enough for Barack's Plane

Original airplane that was chosen for Barack's campaign:

Plane after it has been Hussein Obama'ized:

Think this is an exaggaration? Verified on

Barack's Presidential Seal

He must have already won the election, he's even redesigned the presidential seal!

All Hail the Chosen One!

Cool Sand Art Video

File under the heading: No Freaking Way!!

Family cloth toilet paper, I have nothing more to say.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Soldier vs. Puddle

The guy in the plane has night vision goggles on, the guy on the ground does not.

Dr. Horrible Fun

This is a great idea, making fortune cookies and using lines from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog as the fortunes.

And here is a little unofficial Dr. Horrible Sheet music!

Marines raising fitness standards

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In the final stage of the Marine Corps' physical fitness makeover, the commandant has signed a new order defining tougher body fat and appearance standards for Marines.

The one change likely affecting a broad number of Marines is no longer allowing a higher body fat percentage for those with high scores on their semiannual physical fitness tests (PFTs).

In fact, the order "severs the link" between PFT scores and personal appearance, said Gen. James T. Conway, Marine Corps commandant, in a message to all Marines Aug. 11.

Now physical fitness and appearance regulations are defined in two separate Marine Corps orders: MCO 6110.3 titled "Marine Corps Body Composition and Military Appearance Program" and MCO 6100.13 titled "Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program."

During Headquarters Marine Corps inspections of previous body composition programs, Marines were found to be out of weight standards but not assigned to a corrective program, said Conway.

"This impacts combat efficiency and effectiveness and, unfortunately, is a clear indicator of some commanders' failure to enforce standards," said Conway.

But the order empowers commanding officers by giving them authority to decide whether a Marine who doesn't meet height and weight standards but still has a sharp military appearance should be granted a waiver.

On the flipside, the commander can also assign Marines to the Military Appearance Program if they fall within height and weight limits but "still fail to present a suitable military appearance," according to the order.

To maintain fairness and impartiality, Marines assigned to the program have the right to appeal to the next higher officer in their chain of command.

"Tendencies toward increased weight have become a dangerous trend over the last decade in our American society," said Conway. "But Marines are different."

In the order, Conway warned that failure to meet and enforce standards could not only jeopardize operational readiness but "erode American confidence" in the Corps.

"Selective compliance with the Marine Corps orders on weight control is over," the commandant said.

Previous standards defining maximum and minimum weight based on a Marine's height still apply. However, those who fall outside those standards must not exceed a certain percentage of body fat.

Male Marines 17-26 years old are allowed a maximum 18 percent body fat; 27-39 years old, 19 percent; 40-45 years old, 20 percent; and 46 years and older, 21 percent.

Female Marines 17-26 years old are allowed 26 percent body fat; 27-39 years old, 27 percent; 40-45 years old, 28 percent; and 46 years old and up, 29 percent.

Previously, Marines with a first-class PFT score could have an additional 4 percent of body fat, and Marines who failed to meet body composition standards where placed on a corrective program for at least six months. With the new order, the Corps will allow a grace period of up to 120 days after weighing in before formal action is taken.

The first 60 days are known as the notification period. During this time, the unit's senior enlisted adviser for enlisted personnel or executive officer for officers will issue an informal letter of concern and a 60-day action plan. The actions during this stage are determined by the individual unit.

If a Marine does not meet standards after the notification period, the 60-day cautionary period begins immediately. The unit will again be in charge of setting up a plan to assist the Marine in getting to regulation. A letter of caution will inform the unsatisfactory Marine that if they do not comply with set standards, they will be placed on a formal program following the 60-day cautionary period.

After 120 days, Marines who still do not meet the height/weight or body fat standards will immediately be assigned to the formal Body Composition Program by the unit's commanding officer.

"Admittedly, decisions to assign Marines to the body composition and military appearance programs are difficult, and sometimes involve Marines who are otherwise solid performers," said Conway. "It is, however, the right thing to do for the individual and the institution."

Assignment to the program restricts promotion, prevents re-enlistment, results in adverse fitness reports and lower conduct marks, and could force the Marine to leave the Corps.

This story is reprinted from The Desert Warrior, the newspaper of the Marine Corps Air Station.

7 Year-old Tattoos Dad

Now that's trust...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Charitable Giving- Obama 1%, McCain 26%

Obamas Donated Less Than 1% of Their Income

John McCaine Donates 26 percent of his total income

Enough said.

Wealthy Obama Abandons African Brother...

In the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, hosted by pastor Rick Warren, Barack Hussein Obama was asked what America’s greatest moral failure. Obama’s response:

“I think America’s greatest moral failure in my lifetime has been that we still don’t abide by that basic [p]recept in Matthew that whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me. And notion of — that basic principle applies to poverty. It applies to racism and sexism. It applies to, you know, not having — not thinking about providing ladders of opportunity for people to get into the middle class. I mean, there is a purvasive [sic] sense I think that this country is wealthy and powerful as we still don’t spend enough time thinking about the least of these . . .”

That's a great philosophy, too bad it's complete bullshit.

Barak Obama's 'lost' brother found in kenya

Barack Obama's brother George an impoverished recluse

So while Barack lives in a multi-million dollar mansion, his ignored brother is living on $1 a month. Hell, send your brother a $20 and you will double his annual income!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Worst Mom Ever!

There's No Way THIS Could Go Wrong...

Human Slingshot

Cool Brother Pictures

Blackboard Stopmotion

Star Wars Fun!

Part 1

Part 2

Where's the Water?!

Insane wave pool in Japan.

Femtroopers FTW!

Star Wars femtroopers stir the dreams of geeks everywhere...



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Penn and Teller do Patriotism

Penn and Teller do Gun Control

Penn and Teller Bullshit - Gun Control - Part 1

Penn and Teller Bullshit - Gun Control - Part 2

Penn and Teller Bullshit - Gun Control - Part 3

And finally, Rosie Does Gun Control...

Rosie O'Donnell's shameful behavior on her show with guest Tom Selleck

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Kite Surfer's Last Words...

"I'm a retaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrdddd!"

Kite surfer thrown through air during tropical storm Fay

Featured FORT LAUDERDALE,Florida,August 18/08'Emergency officials have been warning South Floridians to seek shelter during Tropical Storm Fay but a man in Fort Lauderdale seeking some thrills on the rough surf didn't heed that warning and ended up in the hospital after being hurt in an astonishing kite boarding accident that was caught on camera.

A news crew was on Fort Lauderdale beach at A1A and east Las Olas Boulevard when a huge gust of wind from Fay blew down the beach and took the kite boarder by surprise. The kite boarder was harnessed into his sail when the wind violently picked him up and slammed him onto the sandy beach. Then, he was dragged across the sand before being lifted up into the air again and blown across the street where the wind slammed him into a building.

Witnesses ran to help the unidentified kite surfer who lay crumpled on the ground in pain.

Apple Crushes PC Industry in Latest Customer Satisfaction Research

The American Customer Satisfaction Index scores (change over last year):

Apple 85% (+8%)
Hewlett-Packard 73% (-4%)
Gateway 72% (-4%)
Compaq 70% (-4%)
Dell 75% (+1%)

Apple defies the industry by moving in the opposite direction of most PC manufacturers and posting its largest gain ever to 85%, a new all-time high for the industry. The 8% leap puts 10 points between Apple and its nearest rival, one of the largest gaps between first and second in any industry. As Apple’s satisfaction improves, so too have its sales, market share, net income, and stock price.

“It’s hard not to be impressed with Apple,” said Prof. Fornell. “This is product extension
at its best where the new products, iPod and iPhone, are helping bring new customers to
existing computer products. The fact that Apple is not dependent on the Windows Vista
operating system hasn’t hurt either.”

The industry aggregate decline is largely for Windows-based machines...

Dammit, stoopid movie...

So I just finished watching this movie on animal cruelty and now they have me looking at this...

25 Painless Ways to Free Up an Hour a Day for Your Goals

This is from the Zen Habits blog

25 Painless Ways to Free Up an Hour a day for Your Goals

Cool Olympic Video Technology


Diving Eye

NBC Video 1

NBC Video 2

Friday, August 15, 2008

State Moves to Ban Fake Testicles on Vehicles

Tallahassee, Florida - Senate lawmakers in Florida have voted to ban the fake bull testicles that dangle from the trailer hitches of many trucks and cars throughout the state.

Republican Sen. Cary Baker, a gun shop owner from Eustis, Florida, called the adornments offensive and proposed the ban. Motorists would be fined $60 for displaying the novelty items, which are known by brand names like "Truck Nutz" and resemble the south end of a bull moving north.

The Florida Senate voted last week to add the measure to a broader transportation bill, but it is not included in the House version.

In a spirited debate laced with double entendre, Senate lawmakers questioned whether the state should curtail freedom of expression in vehicle accessories.

Critics of the ban included the Senate Rules Chairman, Sen. Jim King, a Jacksonville Republican whose truck sported a pair until his wife protested.

The bill's sponsor doubted it would succeed.

"It's probably not going to make it through the process," Baker said on Thursday. "It won't be much of story in a few days."

Texas School District Will Let Teachers Carry Guns

A tiny Texas school district may be the first in the nation to pass a law specifically allowing teachers and staff to pack heat when classes begin later this month.

Trustees at the Harrold Independent School District approved a district policy change last October so employees can carry concealed firearms to deter and protect against school shootings, provided the gun-toting teachers follow certain requirements.

Superintendent David Thweatt told the policy was initiated because of safety concerns.

"We have had employees assaulted before by people in the last several years," Thweatt said. "I think that safety is big concern. We are seeing a lot of anger in society."

He wouldn't comment further on the nature of the assaults.

The Texas superintendent linked gun-free zones with the uprising of school shootings in recent years.

"When you make schools gun-free zones, it's like inviting people to come in and take advantage," Thweatt told

In order for teachers and staff to carry a pistol, they must have a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun; must be authorized to carry by the district; must receive training in crisis management and hostile situations and must use ammunition that is designed to minimize the risk of ricochet in school halls.

Thweatt said the small community is a 30-minute drive from the sheriff's office, leaving students and teachers without protection. He said the district's lone campus sits 500 feet from heavily trafficked U.S. 287, which could make it a target.

The kindergarten through 12th grade school district is home to 110 students.

Thweatt said officials researched the policy and considered other options for about a year before approving the policy change. He said the district also has various other security measures in place to prevent a school shooting.

"The naysayers think [a shooting] won't happen here," Thweatt said. "If something were to happen here, I'd much rather be calling a parent to tell them that their child is OK because we were able to protect them."

He told he doesn't think students will think twice about the new policy.

"I hope they forget all about it," he said. "We want them to pay attention [to their school work]."

Texas law outlaws firearms on school campuses "unless pursuant to the written regulations or written authorization of the institution."

While the district's plan shot them into the national spotlight, carrying guns to school is nothing new some states. In Utah, the law allows anyone with a permit to carry a gun in public schools and state institutions of higher education.

It was unclear how many of the 50 or so teachers and staff members will be armed this fall because Thweatt did not disclose that information, to keep it from students or potential attackers.

Wilbarger County Sheriff Larry Lee did not immediately return a call placed to his office by

Barbara Williams, a spokeswoman for the Texas Association of School Boards, said her organization did not know of another district with such a policy. Ken Trump, a Cleveland-based school security expert who advises districts nationwide, including in Texas, said Harrold is the first district with such a policy.

The district is 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth on the eastern end of Wilbarger County, near the Oklahoma border.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cig.... Oh, nevermind

Icelandic Museum Offers Long and Short of Male Organ

Jars filled with various animal phalli are on display at the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Husavik May 8, 2008. (Reuters/Bob Strong)

A large wooden phallic sculpture stands outside the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Husavik May 8, 2008. (Reuters/Bob Strong)

Sigurdur Hjartarson, owner and founder of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, poses next to a stuffed elephant penis at the museum in Husavik May 8, 2008. (Reuters/Bob Strong)

A dried blue whale penis (L) is mounted and displayed at the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Husavik May 8, 2008. (Reuters/Bob Strong)

Husavik, Iceland - Sigurdur Hjartarson is missing a human penis. But he's not worried: four men have promised to donate theirs to him when they die.

Hjartarson is founder and owner of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, which offers visitors from around the world a close-up look at the long and the short of the male reproductive organ.

His collection, which began in 1974 with a single bull's penis that looked something like a riding crop, now boasts 261 preserved members from 90 species.

Continue story...

Man gets wood...

I miss Norway...

Norway world leader in casual sex

Seven out of ten Norwegians have had a random sex partner and the country is a world leader in one-night stands. At the same time they are among the least sexually satisfied citizens in the world, according to the latest findings in the Durex Global Sex Survey for 2003.

Click on the Geyser for the full story...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Machine Uprising is Near!

The U.K. is launching their final Skynet satellite; I can't think this is a good idea, have they never seen the Terminator movies?

These are the same folks that are developing learning robots that are controlled by lab-grown rat brains, I have got to think this is not a good combination...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the "No Shit" Dept. - Profs Require their own Textbooks so they can make a buck!

It's a new school year, so here is your obligatory article about textbook pricing, profs who require their own books, and general gouging...

Cool Star Wars Site for Kids

Good stuff to be had here...

And people ask me why I don't eat fast food

This is why:

Burger king worker caught bathing in restaurant sink.

I have nothing else to say.

Hairy ape body found, thought to be bigfoot...

Bigfoot researchers claim to have a body! All will be revealed at a news conference on Friday...

Cryptomundo has the pictures.

5 of the webs most Inspirational Videos

From Zen Habits come a set of great web videos...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Missouri Watercolor Society Members Invitational

118 entries have been received for the Missouri Watercolor Society Members Invitational, that represents approximately one-fourth of the entire MOWS membership.

This exhibition is the Columbia Art League’s annual exhibit of watercolor works, submitted by artists across Missouri and beyond. All artists exhibiting in this show are members of the Missouri Watercolor Society, a national organization. This year’s award judge, Jerry Berneche, was the first place winner of the 2007 show.

Exhibition dates: August 26th - October 11th

Opening reception: Sunday, September 7th, 1-3 pm

The Putin Girls

The full "I Want a Guy Like Putin" video:

And an excerpt of just the Putin girls:

Looking at the video, it occurs to me that Putin looks a lot like Dobby the house elf...